Own a Franchise

Thankyou for showing your interest in owning our franchise.

There are two major methods of acquiring our franchise:

A) Building a new franchise from scratch - Full-Ownership Model

  • For people who already have a specific location to open. (Doesn't matter rented or owned)
  • Can put up some time initially to build the franchise and coordinate with the landlord, company and fabrication vendors.
  • Have investment greater than Rs.4m
  • Moderate risk - high return model
  • ROI would depend upon location.

This is for people who are looking for passive investment opportunity.
  • Who do not have a specific location in hand
  • Cannot put in any time for hunting the location
  • Have investment in the range of Rs.2m -3m
  • All our investments are Shariah Compliant and vetted by our well reputed Sharia advisor.
6-step process to become our franchise investor: 
1. Our franchise investment advisor will call you up for an initial interview and fill your application.
2. Our franchise committee will vet applications and check for suitable investment options according to your need.
3. Our franchising team will give you a franchising proposal. It will have 3-day validity.
4. Once you accept the proposal, you will have to deposit a token of 5% of the investment amount to reserve your space.
5. We will prepare legal documents (Sale Agreement, Management Agreement and MOU) and share drafts with you.
6. On the day of transfer of ownership, legal documents will be signed and transfer of the funds will be done.

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